Surviving the OCR Cybersecurity & Privacy Pre-Audit
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  • Abstract
    Much like JACHO, the OCR has been auditing the privacy and security policies of healthcare organizations in a proactive manner.  Many healthcare organizations are surprised to learn that they are not prepared to successfully get through an OCR pre-audit.  Thankfully getting your house in order isn’t a monumental task and this webinar will provide you with a clear roadmap, tools and tactics to get yourself ready and vastly improve your chances of passing with flying colors.

    This webinar is geared toward healthcare leaders, compliance teams, and technologists. It is appropriate for those with or without a technical background.

  • Learning Objectives
    1)  The top three things you need to get in place to vastly reduce your OCR pre-audit risks.
    2)  The top 10 things we find wrong when doing a cybersecurity and privacy risk assessment that leads to OCR exposures.
    3)  Why you need to take a deep look at adopting the NIST framework in your organization.
    4)  How to balance policy and budgets to achieve a practical “OCR friendly” strategy. 

John Gomez

Mr. Gomez is currently the CEO of Sensato, a cyber-security and privacy healthcare company,  JGo Labs, a product design and management consulting firm, and Group Espada, which provides counter-terrorism services.  Previously, Mr. Gomez was the Chief Technology Officer/Co-President of Allscripts, a leading provider of healthcare information solutions.  Mr. Gomez was also the CTO of Eclipsys and WebMD and worked at Microsoft in various capacities.