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1 PM Eastern, 12 PM Central, 10 AM Pacific

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  • EHR-to-EHR data exchange alone can't support healthcare's move to value-based care and its increased consumer focus. Blockchain will disrupt the interoperability status quo with its capability to support a seamless healthcare experience by centralizing, securing, and orchestrating disparate information. Attendees of this webinar will be able to confidently describe how blockchain works technically, how it's being used, and the healthcare opportunities it creates. They will also get a preview of DokChain, the first-ever running implementation of blockchain in healthcare. 

    This webinar is geared toward the following executives and professionals: Healthcare IT, Innovation, Technology, Patient Access, Patient Experience/Engagement, Product, Planning, Care Coordination, Population Health, for healthcare technology companies, hospitals, healthcare providers, payers, and BPO organizations.

  • Learning Objectives
    Attendees will be able to:
    1)   Identify the fundamentals of blockchain
    2)  Describe how blockchain can provide an economic solution to value-based care
    3) Articulate the value of smart contracts and where consensus mechanisms come in
    4) Specify how blockchain can facilitate patient-centered care


Theodore Tanner, Jr

Ted Tanner is an award winning computer scientist, renegade against the healthcare status quo, and serves as the co-founder and CTO of PokitDok, a software development platform that helps free, secure and unify data that drives the business of healthcare.   
Ted has been an architect at both Apple and Microsoft and has held instrumental roles in several start-ups, including: digidesign (IPO and acquired by Avid), Crystal River Engineering (acquired by Creative Labs), MongoMusic (acquired by Microsoft) and Spatializer Audio Labs (NASDAQ: SPAZ). Before starting PokitDok, Ted started BeliefNetworks — later acquired by Benefitfocus—  where he was the CTO.
Ted is a vocal advocate of STEM education, in his mission to produce the best mathematicians, data scientists, and computer scientists in the world. He serves on the Industrial Advisory Board for the University of South Carolina Computer Science Department, as well as the Center for Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning at the University of Tennessee. Ted has published numerous articles in leading technical magazines and holds several patents in the areas of semantics, machine learning, signal processing and signal protection.