Three Practices to Minimize Drift Between Audits

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12 PM Eastern, 11 AM Central, 9 AM Pacific

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  • Healthcare organizations face a daunting challenge to secure their environments and data from determined cyber criminals.  They are also subject to multiple administrative and compliance requirements and audits; putting even more pressure on already stretched and scarce resources. Given this pressure, security and compliance readiness fall to the bottom of many organization’s priority lists and are treated as periodic events as opposed to ongoing processes.  This approach leaves these organizations even more vulnerable so how can they improve their processes to ensure they remain secure and compliant between audits?

    In this webinar we will touch on the reality of healthcare data breaches and the healthcare threat landscape as a setup to discussing some of the top challenges healthcare organizations face in trying to defend their environments and data.  All of this sets the stage for a meaningful discussion of three practices that healthcare organizations can implement to better defend their environments continuously.

    This webinar is geared towards healthcare professionals who are subjected to HIPAA compliance requirements.

  • Learning Objectives
    1)  Why healthcare data is gold to threat actors and the current state of the threat landscape
    2)  Understand the primary objectives and challenges in defending healthcare data and how they should influence your security and compliance programs
    3)  Learn three practices to implement that can help you better defend your environment and ensure that you stay aligned with compliance and security between audits


Kurt Hagerman

As chief information security officer (CISO) for Armor, Kurt Hagerman is responsible for all aspects of security and compliance for both corporate and customer facing products. He is accountable for helping the company attain ISO, PCI, HIPAA and other certifications, which allow Armor customers to more easily achieve the necessary compliances for their own businesses.